let’s choose optimism

Doha is too hot. Qatar is too small. There is nothing to do on the weekends and the driving is a total disaster. There is nothing to love about this place.

Wrong. (Well it is hot, I will give you that)

From day one I decided to choose to be deliberately optimistic or risk falling into the trap set by the looming pessimists. I had to choose to reset my agenda and not have it dictated by those who only see their glass of mint and lime half-empty. Because it’s actually half-full, you know.

This blog will feature the adventures I have been on in my first year as an expat in Doha and will shed light on new outings I’ve yet to enjoy.

You can look at this as a way to make something out of nothing or you can raise your glass high, see this stage of your life as one worth actually enjoying and opening your eyes to the city and country around you.

So much of enjoying your time here is based both on your perspective and access to a compelling itinerary. I hope to provide you with a solid dose of both. Like Hollywood, Doha can make or break you. Don’t let this place chew you up and spit you out.

Even if it’s salty Arabian (err, Persian?) Gulf water, the glass my friend, is about to bubble to the brim.

Editor’s Note: As the spring turns to summer, go get yourself the best mint and lime concoction in town at Katara’s Al Jazeera Media Cafe (PIN). 


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