tea at the Ritz

My sister is visiting from home and her excitement for Doha has refueled my early-stage adrenaline for being here, too. Today we went for tea at the Ritz Carlton (PIN) simply because we could. It was lovely. I ordered the cappuccino and she the ginger tea. The live pianist and friendly staff made us feel like little princesses at a party.

The Ritz is also a great place to mail letters. I try to write a few to friends around the globe before I go and mail them at the concierge desk. You don’t have to be a guest to send cards and it only costs QR8! I have found the cards arrive faster than when I send them directly from the post office. The forest of fresh flowers in the lobby is enough of a push for me (never saw that at the post office).

After tea, feeling like a royal and sending your letters abroad you can take a walk outside along the sea. There is a nice walkway once you go down the stairs following signs for the pool. I haven’t tried it, but there is also an Arabic lounge that looked like a chill (but expensive) way to puff some smoke.

Just saying I went to the Ritz puts an extra pep in my step. Sometimes a little extra dough can make dough-ha (get it) feel more like home.


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